Make your travel to Israel extraordinary. Experience a journey of Tantra

Are you planning a travel to Israel? Already here?


You know you deserve to extract the most out of every day in your life! But routine does not always allow it. Here is your opportunity to do something extraordinary. Combine your business or pleasure journey to Israel with learning, exploring and experiencing the exciting world of Tantra and expanding the horizons of your sexuality.


Already found flights to Israel? Staying in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv?

Here is your opportunity to experience Tantra in a safe and enabling environment and to learn from veteran professionals. Located right at the center of Israel!


Consider our web site an open door, an invitation. Read, explore and schedule your appointment. Should you have any question or consideration, please do not hesitate to contact with us. We will do our best to assist and support.


Enjoy your stay in Israel. It's an amazing country!

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