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Ben and Efrat Life Mission Statement
about ben and efrat, leading tantra mentors and sexuality therapists in israel center, tel-aviv, jerusalem

Finding The Inner Voice...

We both come from the earth-bound, "feet on the ground" world of science and finance.
We both carried professional jobs that kept us going, but something was missing there. We have been missing that special "Self Actualization" as Abraham Maslow once put it.
We felt we can contribute a lot more to people's lives.

Years ago, when we embarked on our mutual path we discovered that people were literally attracted to us. They used to come for a hug, an advice, a supportive, encouraging word.
As Stephen Covey suggested in the 8th habit - we listened to our inner voice and in a brave move - changed the course of our life!

Expertise in Relationship, Sexuality and Emotional Communication.

Today, we already experienced working with thousands of people. We developed a unique expertise in Relationship, Sexuality and Emotional Communication.
We spend every moment of our day with shear joy, helping people, either physically or through phone calls, Internet based private sessions, public speaking or empowering others through Social Networks.

  • Leaders. Inspiring others with leadership by example. We walk our talk with an outstanding life together. We are very open about our life and relationship, bringing forth teachings from personal experience as well.
  • Facilitators. Our main task is shining the light on a seemingly dark path. We highlight options and encourage self leadership and responsibility acted by free choice.
  • Mentors and Teachers. We deliver our unique proven system that we weaved and manifested by combining the ancient Tantra Vision with newer concepts, adapted to modern leading-edge life. We teach with courage and work on a fearless basis.
  • Friends and Lovers. To us, every person is a unique sparkle of the divine. Each couple we work with is a love story!

We firmly believe in the right of every person to practice the qualities of Freedom, Understanding and Love.

We Are Committed To Your Well Being!

Our satisfaction and gratification stems from your well being. It is enabled since we are:
  • Principle based. We conduct with integrity and are faithful to our Mission Statement. Read it and understand everything! 
  • Determined! We work with total love and determination to the success of our clients. As long as they are determined to succeed - we are there with them in total devotion.
  • Fearless!!! This is a principle. It enables us to operate in ways others are intimidated to even look at!
  • Practical. We come from "Earth Bound" attitudes of Finance and Sciences. Our Spiritual teachings are well connected with practical, every-day life.
  • Experienced and Direct. Thousands of people have already been helped by us. Our work is experiential, touch and movement based.
  • Original. We splendidly combined ancient and new. We blended the deep spiritual Tantra Vision with modern perceptions to enable a modern conduct of life with the advantage of old truth and wisdom.

Ben Shomer, Ph.D.

Born: Israel, 1960. Father of three.
Ph.D. in Biology. Expert in Bioinformatics with years of experience in the Biotechnology industry and academic teaching.
As a young paratrooper, I was exposed to numerous fatal combat situations, including war, which led me to deeply understand some true perspectives of life and its meaning. My observation on Awareness, "Living Here and Now" and Seizing the Moment were sharpened.
Along my path, I embarked on a unique, powerful personal development process and evolved to discover my inner light and competence to help people.
In 2003 I met Efrat and joined with her on a magical journey to form a strong, leading partnership of teaching, mentoring and assistance.
I am a Reiki Master, Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Meditation Teacher. Leading and knowledgeable Tantra mentor.

Efrat Bustan Shomer.

Born: Israel, 1964. Mother of two.
C.P.A. For years I held a key position in one of the leading CPA offices in Israel.
Along my professional path, I studied the Grinberg Method and I am a certified instructor. I completed the entire Landmark Path.
On the more creative side, I studied and practiced Theater. Took courses in Psychology, Group Leading and more. I am an author of a children's book dedicated to emotional handling of parental divorce and a creative artist, expressing myself in drawing and photography.
Together with Ben, I travel through an enchanted garden of Expansion, Expressing my Feminine Empowerment, Teaching, Assistance and Joy. I am a Reiki Master, Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Meditation Teacher. Leading and knowledgeable Tantra mentor.
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