You are Shakti, goddess of femininity, now is your time!

Now is your time to connect with your inner power, your femininity, to step out to freedom from social conditioning and bondage and celebrate your sexuality.

Dr. Ben Shomer, Female sexuality specialist, tantra mentor.

You are personally invited to reconnect with yourself in a sacred space, a safe, enabling and containing environment with a veteran, experienced and professional mentor.

Whatever your need is, just take the most important step and contact me. The rest will magically happen on its own.


Both meetings "The Secret Garden" and "Touching Tantra" are especially tailored for women. Both provide a deep, exciting and contributing experience.
The main difference between them is that "Touching Tantra" follows a predetermined, constant structure while "The Secret Garden" is less structured and allows you the flexibility to determine the structure and flow of the meeting.


A unique, private, personal Tantra meeting for women. Empowering femininity, sexuality and freedom. The Secret Garden, a tantric female empowerment meeting
Come to a journey of Tantra and empowerment, celebration of life and femininity.
Learn a new space of legitimacy, freedom and allowing. Empower yourself to experience and become excited, to express your sexuality from a unique, sacred standpoint, to enjoy touch, enhance your sense of your position in the world and your ability to stand for your own.

The meeting with Ben is a unique experience of empowerment, freedom and true release.

Booking and additional information...
Duration:3 - 3½ hours


A Special, daring, private Tantra meeting for women with Ben. Touching Tantra - Special, private Tantra meeting for women with Ben.
A very unique journey of awareness and exhilaration with Ben.
Embark on a journey into yourself. Study the awareness to your body, your breathing, emotions and sexual energy.
Open your heart to love. Enhance your awareness to the senses. Learn the Puja (sacred tantric ritual). Examine and challenge your boundaries.

Booking and additional information...
Duration Standard meeting: 3 hours
Extended meeting: 4 hours
Price: Standard meeting: $540
Extended meeting: $660


Special Tantric Massage for Women With Ben. Special Tantric Massage for Women With Ben.
Experience a massage which is a great indulgence and an exciting experience of self exploration.

In a sacred, safe and protected environment, devote yourself to a flow of high quality, warm aromatherapeutic oil poured all over your body. You will receive a sensual massage all over your body. Learn to bring awareness to your body, your senses, your sexual energy and your freedom to be who you really are. You will go through a journey of emotional freedom and release.
During the last segment of the massage you will experience Yoni massage (Yoni in Sanskrit is sacred cavern). This is a sacred, healing touch in your sexual organ and its vicinity.

We consider this massage as an essential experience for every woman whomever she may be.

Booking and additional information...
Duration:2 hours


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