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Tantric Massage, Yoni, Lingam for couples, female, male in Modiin, center of Israel near Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv
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Tantric Massage (including Yoni & Lingam massage) - a unique massage, increasing awareness, sense of freedom and emotional release. An outstanding, exhilarating, peak experience.

The main objectives of this massage are opening the body's energy channels, teaching awareness to the body, the sexual energy, moving it throughout the body and using it.
Throughout the massage you will practice working with breathing, sound and movement to increase your awareness to your inner sense of freedom to be who you really are, to disengage social bonds and conditioning, to express yourself and learn how to work with your sexual energy.
The massage also includes Yoni and/or Lingam massage. This is a sacred, healing touch therapy of your sexual organ.

This massage is a very powerful tool for a deep emotional and spiritual experience and an outstanding emotional release.


Session Length:Two (2) hours
Price: Single (M/F): $350
Couple: $540

Accepting Visa Mastercard and Diners
Please Note: Prices include a special private taxi from your hotel (in Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem) to us and back.


Gay Friendly

gay friendly - We equally work with all genders. Gay friendly - We equally work with all genders.



antric Massage is a modern term which has developed in the Western hemisphere and quickly based itself.
Tantra is a way of life and a special philosophy. It is not a therapeutic methodology and as such, does not deal directly with massage therapy techniques. Exceptions are the Yoni massage and Lingam massage which are described in later publications, mainly in the writings of Tao, a later derivative of Tantra.
Based on this explanation, you may easily understand why you may experience different Tantric massage from different Tantra teachers. Each therapist formulates their optimal methodology. The one part which is supposed to be similar with all, is the Yoni and Lingam massage.

We provide Tantric massage, both as massage only and as part of the highly recommended Touching Tantra meeting.

e provide Tantric Massage on a massage therapy bed. The entire body is massaged with hot, high quality aromatherapeutic oil. It is a very sensual massage, given in long, slow, loving strokes, running along the body in different combinations. We work with high quantities of oil, to allow a very soft, sensual, wavy, smooth and streaming movement.
Throughout the massage we interactively instruct you how to use special breathing, movement and voice to enhance your streaming and openness and to learn how to identify the sexual energy which arises in the body and how to channel and up-stream it through the body. You get a chance to start learning how to control and use this energy and how to separate between your sexual energy and the physiological phenomena which take place while experiencing an orgasm.
In the second part, you will receive the Yoni and/or Lingam massage.
In Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language in which the Vedas (Tantric scriptures) were written, Yoni means Sacred Cavern and Lingam means Wand of Light. This is Tantra's way of addressing sexuality with sacredness. This massage is a loving, healing, sacred touch therapy given to the sexual organs and their surrounding areas.
Please, do not confuse this, not even for a single moment, with obtaining a sexual release during regular massage which is given in some doubtful locations.
This touch therapy is not given with the aim of reaching orgasm. Indeed, in many of the cases orgasm do occur and it is blessed and accepted with love, but it is certainly not a target to obtain.

or many of us, orgasm is considered as a physical experience, in which ejaculation (in both men and women) occur, various muscle groups contract, heart beat pace rises and more.
Tantra teaches that these phenomena indeed do co-occur with orgasm, but are separate!
Orgasm is a spiritual, energetic experience, separable from its accompanying physiological phenomena. Obtaining this level of separation is not trivial to obtain, but with practice, it is certainly obtainable. One can then get to a state where orgasm may be experienced without sexual excitement or a partner. Extremely long orgasms, lasting long minutes, even half an hour or more, may then be experienced.

It has been known since long by many therapists, mainly in the East, that not only the brain can remember - there is also body related memory. Muscles and other tissues remember events, feelings, traumas. This fact has been re-established in the modern age in the studies of Wilhelm Reich and his students. When different body organs experience a loving, healing touch, harsh experiences, trauma and heavy feelings are being cleared.

ur pelvis area hardly receives touch, mainly due to distorted social norms and concepts which evolved throughout the years and turned this area into a prohibited and banned area.
Here is yet another example to how our society twists the entire subject of sensuality and sexuality, thus creating duality and hypocrisy even towards our own body. If this is not enough, then the pelvic area, which is related with all that's important for our survival (earth/land, home, family, reproduction, livelihood, primitive sexuality) is located low in the body. According to various sources (e.g. Mantak Chia), this region accumulates toxins and heavy metal traces which are not being cleared due to lack in touch therapy.

uman and especially Western society relates the pelvic area with various negative issues. Many condemnations, curses and insults relate with this area. Enough to recall the "treasure" of curses of nearly every culture, we will find that most expressions are connected with this region in one way or the other. It may seem trivial or unimportant, but not so - the body remembers!!!

Due to these reasons, Lingam and Yoni massage is a source of powerful emotional release. Mainly with women - Yoni massage enables an emotional release and many women experience unexplained outbursts of laughter or cry during or after the massage. The massage also enables clearing and handling of (relatively lightweight) past trauma. Those who have been sexually abused will probably need a longer, more thorough process (which we certainly mentor and accompany with great success) rather than a one-time experience.

Tantric massage is part of the "Touching Tantra" experience we perform for women, couples and men.
We warmly recommend going through the full experience which (among other advantages) prepares body, spirit and emotions for the Tantric massage.

Important Information
Level:Suitable for anyone who's open to the idea
Nudity:Requires your full nudity.
Daring:Much depends on you. Generally it requires an open, daring mind.
When:Sundays to Fridays, from morning to late at night.
Where:Our charming, sacred and intimate therapy space in Modiin (center of Israel, right between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem)
Price: Single (M/F): $350
Couple: $540

Accepting Visa Mastercard and Diners
Please Note: Prices include a special private taxi from your hotel (in Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem) to us and back.
It is recommended to book in advance.
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