"The Secret Garden" - Tantra meeting for women. Empowering femininity, sexuality and freedom.

"The Secret Garden" - a special Tantra meeting for women.
Come and discover yourself as you may never have known. Powerful, free, exhilarating.

Duration3-3 ½ hours.
Price: $540

I choose to express and legitimate myself, to strengthen my power and my ability to stand for my own.
I give myself permission and freedom to celebrate life, to express my sexuality, to experience excitement.
I release myself from social bonds and examine my boundaries, testing what is genuinely mine and what came from education and society.
I live in peace with myself. I'm responsible for my own good.
I'm the wizard, creating the reality of my life as I choose to live it.
I love myself as I am and love and accept my body as it is.
I'm the emotion, the softness, the power and water. I'm the great flowing river, Shakti, the goddess of femininity and love.



My dearest,

After the Adrenaline faded, I can say again in writing - it was a rare privilege to walk with you through the female empowerment Tantra meeting.
I think you're doing a great thing for women who face difficulties with their feminine back-bone. And even myself, whom I trust to understand a thing or two about feminine sexual quality, could discover new things about myself, my sexuality and places where I'm stuck or blocked.

Maayana Shenhar,
Leading Journalist
"The sex priestess of Israeli journalism"


Come with love, dearest, to experience yourself as you may never have.
I invite you to celebrate with me the celebration of life, of your femininity.
Come and discover yourself anew, a powerful, soft and flowing woman, free from limitations, prohibitions, social bondage, expanding your eternal being.

When the heart is open and its walls are melted, you choose the path of courage.
I will enable, strengthen, support, contain and provide complete legitimacy to all of your desires.

This meeting is tailored especially as a female empowerment meeting. It brings your awareness to your legitimacy for being who you really are.

The first segment of this 3½ hours meeting is structured. You will go through several important experiences which touch substantial issues in every woman's life. The following segments are not structured and they depend on your choices. You become a leader of the meeting and actually the leader of your life. You will be able to choose what mostly speaks to you at that moment out of a variety of possible experiences.

Following a brief introduction, you will connect with yourself through an emotional guided meditation which will help you with the opening of your heart.
In one of the important parts of this meeting you will practice and empower your ability to express your saying "NO" and stand for what's important to you. You will learn this through a powerful, effective and unusual practice.

Throughout experiencing, movement and touch you will empower your connection with the soft feminine quality of Shakti the goddess. We'll work together on softness and flow and their hidden power, on connection with mother earth and the sexual energy.

Later on, we'll examine sexuality more in-depth, while you will outline the pace and boundaries of this practice. In a safe, secure, containing environment you will explore your boundaries, perhaps even break them and test if they were your own boundaries or you live according to someone else's boundaries. This is one of the keys to a life of freedom based on power and self confidence.


In the less structured segment of the meeting you are becoming the wizard of your life. You may choose how you wish to continue the meeting and what you wish to experience. It can be a Tantric massage, sensual sensitization, working on breathing, energy and sexuality or learning conscious touch. It may even be an activity you come up with or ask for.

Important Information
Level:Suitable for any woman who's open to the idea.
Nudity:Usually requires nudity. (You may opt not to...)
Daring:May be gentle up to very daring. You choose how far you go...
When:Sundays to Fridays, from morning to very late at night.
Where:Our charming, sacred and intimate therapy space in Modiin (center of Israel, right between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem)
Price: $540

Accepting Visa Mastercard and Diners
Please Note: Prices include a special private taxi from your hotel (in Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem) to us and back.
It is recommended to book in advance.
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