Touching Tantra - Special, private, daring Tantra meeting for women with Ben.


"Touching Tantra" is an enchanted, daring, experiential journey into the mysteries of the ancient Tantra.
This is a special journey for women of learning and self exploration into the secrets of awareness, meditation, sensuality and sexuality. The meeting is given by Ben.


Duration:Standard Meeting: 3 hours
Extended Meting: 4 hours
Price:Standard Meeting: $540
Extended Meting: $660


  • Connect with your body and enhanced senses.
  • Learn how to channel and control your sexual energy.
  • Practice techniques that help controlling the sexual energy.
  • Enrich your sex life.
  • Learn how to deepen romance, love and partner bond (in the Extended meting).
  • Master the deep connection at the soul level (in the Extended meting).
  • Reveal the secrets of the long and satisfying Tantric sexual union (in the Extended meting. Theoretical).
  • Open your heart to your emotional world.
  • Experience and acquire moving Tantric rituals.


This is your private meeting with Ben. It is conducted in a safe, containing, supporting and hugging environment.
The space where the meeting takes place is very pleasant, lit with soft candle lights, with gentle scents of incense and our unique blend of high quality hot oil, waiting to be poured over your body with a soft touch. Pleasant music plays in the background.
The meeting is gradual and it is conducted with a great sensitivity and a total listening of Ben to your preferences and emotions.
This meeting is your personal trip. An amazing and exciting experience. Every woman who experienced it ended with hearts in her eyes

There are two versions to the meeting:
❧ Standard Meeting: Lasts 3 hours. Includes an experiential introduction to Tantra and Tantric massage.
❧ Extended Meeting (Recommended): Lasts 4 hours. Includes the experiential introduction and Tantric massage. The third segment includes experiential teaching of special, intimate Tantra rituals, forming connection at the soul level, creating couple energy circles and learning about the Tantric sacred intercourse and Tantric positions (meeting does NOT include actual intercourse!).

What is Tantra?

Tantra is an ancient, deep perception, similar to Kabbalah, Sufism, that deals with all life aspects. You will hear about it in the beginning of your meeting. I will invite you to sit with me on the decorated, candle lit mattress, serving as a Tantric shrine I prepared for you.
The explanations will provide the theoretical background on Tantra attitude to life and will prepare you to the experiences that are tailored into your journey.

Relax, be moved and open your heart.

Slowly and gradually we will dive deeper. I will guide you to bring awareness to your entire body and your breathing. The external world and day to day bothers are forgotten and no longer exist.
Now that everything is relaxed, the heart is willing to open. When the heart is open, all is possible.
I will lead you to total relaxation and connection with your emotions. You will visit the temple of your heart and fill it with endless love.

A Supreme Sensual Experience.

I will teach and guide you through a unique, ancient, exciting Tantra ritual. It will prepare you for your next experience - sensual sensitization.
You will learn how to enhance the sensitivity of your senses and increase your awareness to your senses. This experience includes all the senses - hearing, smell, taste and touch. This is a great indulging experience, something you don't experience every day.

Touching Tantra Illustration

Indulgence, indulgence...

Now you are ready to lay on the massage table for your Tantric massage.
The Tantric massage is first and foremost an incredible indulgence. It is a massage of your entire body with hot, sensual aromatherapeutic oil. I use a natural, high quality special oil I blend myself according to my secret formula. The massage is based on caressing, elongated type of movements.
This is a sensual massage which raises the sexual energy. We will harness the sexual energy for the sake of an in-depth process. We'll use breathing, sound and movement and bring awareness to the body and its processes, to the sexual energy - you will learn how to harness it and move it through your body. We'll emphasize your sense of freedom to be who you really are, detached from social bonds and conditioning. You'll also express and clear emotions.

The last segment of the massage is the cherry on top - Yoni Massage
Yoni in Sanskrit (sacred ancient Indian language) means "Sacred Cavern". This is Tantra's way to refer sacredly to the female sexual organ.
I will provide you with a sacred, healing touch at your sexual organ and its vicinity. This is not a target oriented touch. It is not intended to bring you to orgasm, although it can definitely happen and it is wonderful and blessed. It is simply not a target on its own. In this process too, we'll bring awareness to anything that happens. I will teach you the secret of the Tantric circular breathing. You may read more about the Tantric Massage.

This stage ends the Standard meeting and continues with the Extended meeting!

Extended Meeting - SANGAM - The ritual of sacred reunion between lovers.

Following the Tantric massage you are really ready to learn and experience the principles of the sacred reunion between the lovers.
We will sit back in the Tantric temple, where I will teach you how to conduct heart-touching Tantric rituals. You will:
  • Master the deep connection at the soul level.
  • Reveal the secrets of the long and satisfying Tantric intercourse.
  • Learn and practice Tantric positions.
  • Practice energy circles.
  • Learn how to deepen romance, love and partner bond.
Important reminder: In any case, there is no intercourse between us!

Naturally, I will be happy to conduct a concluding sharing and answer any question or unsolved issue, either at the end of the meeting or during the following days.

Important Information.
Nudity:Meeting includes nudity.
Daring:Much depends on you. Generally it requires an open, daring mind.
When:Sundays to Fridays, from morning to late at night.
Where:Our charming, sacred and intimate therapy space in Modiin (center of Israel, right between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem)
Price:Standard Meeting (3 hours): $540
Extended Meting (4 hours): $660

Accepting Visa Mastercard and Diners
Please Note: Prices include a special private taxi from your hotel (in Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem) to us and back.
It is recommended to book in advance.
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