Touching the Heart - a private, gentle and moving Tantra meeting for couples in Israel.

Come for a special, private, gentle and moving Tantra meeting for couples. An enchanted journey to the depth of the heart and soul.
This meeting appeared on "The Bachelor" (Israel) reality TV series with Ben and Efrat.


Duration:Two hours
Price: $540


Come for a special Tantra meeting as seen on 'The Bachelor'


This is the Tantra meeting you have been waiting for...

An enchanted journey to the depths of your heart.

Everything is performed with endless sensitivity. In a safe and containing space we shall lead you on a pleasurable, non-challenging journey, lightly touching, caressing your souls.
You will be guided through a series of experiences that were derived from the deep, ancient, spiritual world of Tantra. These experiences will lead you into the depths of your being, as individuals and as a couple. You will enhance your connection and become acquainted with your inner peace and beauty.

Requested by our clients...

This meeting was created following a high demand on behalf of "The Bachelor" viewers.
On March 2010 we performed this meeting in the Israeli version of the reality series "The Bachelor", for the bachelor Guy Gey-or and his chosen partner for the date Daphne.
The meeting was incredibly moving. It positively affected even the entire huge production team on site.
Following this meeting, Guy and Daphne became partners and their relationship lasted 3.5 years.
You may share some of those moving moments by watching highlights from the meeting in the following YouTuve video.

Enchanted meeting, suitable for everyone!

Unique journey into yourselves.

The couples meeting "Touching The Heart" is an experiential, private meeting which lasts around two (up to 2 ½) hours.

You will feel safe and relaxed.

Our space will be set as a Tantric temple.
It will be beautifully set, with plenty of candles which create a romantic atmosphere. Soft music will play in the background. You will be intoxicated by the scents of gentle incense and our special massage oil blend.
More importantly - this is a sacred space. While there, you may sense comfortable, relaxed and secure to experience, devote yourselves to our guidance, examine and even break your boundaries and know that all is right, allowed, legitimate, possible and accepted with love and no judgment.

You will never be asked to do anything that does not come from your own free choice!

You are in your safe and sacred space.

Puja - the sacred reunion of lovers ritual.

Most of the meeting is derived from a long Tantric ritual called "Puja"
In Sanskrit (ancient sacred Indian), Puja is a general term for ritual, but in Tantra it became a synonym with the sacred reunion of lovers ritual (which is actually called "Sangam").
Originally, this ritual lasts an entire day (sometimes even more) and it is made of a daisy-chain of ceremonies. Tantra loves ceremonies.

The heart is excited.

Study, Experience, Enhance...

Initially, you get to hear a brief explanation about Tantra and it's deep, spiritual aspects as a way of life.

Then, we will lead you softly on a magical journey into your own bodies to the temple in which your soul resides. You will get into a state of deep awareness and become ready for the opening of the heart.
Opening of the heart is an exciting emotional experience which connects one to their heart as a temple, leading one to a deep, emotional state where the heart is open to love.

Embarking on a magical journey into the body. Now, following our instructions, you will perform a special Tantric ritual between you.
This ritual can also take place at home. It will add a spicy taste to your life.

Sharpening your senses...

You are now ready for the sensual sensitization - Tantra's way of enhancing your awareness and sensitivity to your senses and their ability to respond to the environment. This is an empowering and fun experience which includes your hearing, smelling, tasting and touch.
Sharpening all your senses.

Together with an open, beating heart.

Attuning to each other with devotion.

When the heart is open and ready, you may step deeper into the core of your relationship.
Tantra teaches that you should enter the sacred reunion between the lovers with a widely open heart and with great devotion.

That's where you learn additional very exciting and moving Tantric ceremonies.
These ceremonies will deepen and strengthen the connection between your open hearts and will form an intention for what's about to come.

Your Tantric ritual...

Enhancing your relationship.

The main intention in the practices and ceremonies you will learn is forming a very deep connection at the soul level.
Most people base their connection on earthly things - conversing, common interest, common goals, presents and romance, commitments etc.
All of those are important and beautiful and many people include them in a package called Love.
But there is something much deeper, which many don't know how to reach.
That is the connection between two souls which is based on true love and openness of the hearts.
This is not some legendary romance story. This is very real and it can be powerfully felt and experienced. This is precisely what we will teach you how to experience.

The secret of the Tantric circular breathing

The secret of the Tantric circular breathing

You will also learn the secret of the Tantric circular breathing which helps you form energy circles between yourselves.
Tantra teaches how to form a situation where your partner becomes a portal for connection with your own higher self, the divine creator and the entire universe.

Throughout the meeting we will assist you getting into a meditative state. You will see that you are capable of it even if you never even heard the word meditation, let alone trying...
Your deep connection with one another turns into a meditation which balances, calms, focuses and bonds you together.

Tantric Coupling - The Cherry On Top...

Tantric coupling is also actually, a form of meditation.
You will learn the essence of the Tantric coupling and also some of the classical Tantric positions and how to utilize them throughout your coupling.
You may learn this at any level you are comfortable with, beginning with theoretical listening and even "all the way" in practice.
In your sacred space all is right, allowed, possible and legitimate.

Should you wish, we would love to conclude your session with a sharing conversation and answer any open question. We will support you also in the days following your session.

Important Information
Level:Especially suitable for beginners.
Nudity:Does NOT require nudity. (You may opt to...)
Daring:Very gentle meeting. You choose how far you go...
When:Sundays to Fridays, from morning to late at night.
Where:Our charming, sacred and intimate therapy space in Modiin (center of Israel, right between Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem)
Price: $540

Accepting Visa Mastercard and Diners
Please Note: Prices include a special private taxi from your hotel (in Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem) to us and back.
It is recommended to book in advance.
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